Youth Directors

Darcy Sinsley

Darcy Sinsley former Darcy Peterson won her first pageant in 1987 receiving the crown as Miss Deaf Idaho Teen.  Two years later I went back and competed in Miss Deaf Idaho.  I accepted the crown in 1989-1990.  I had the pleasure to represent Idaho in Indianapolis in 1990. I won Best Evening Gown and Best Talent.  I have a memory of a lifetime when I was there.  Made a lot of friends that I still remain friends w/ today.  I am a certified Wedding and Event Planner.  I am a member of the North Idaho Deaf club which I am the secretary as well as the Event planner.  I love being involved w/ the deaf community and setting things up.  My dream to see NIDC get its own Center and we become a place for all to retreat to if we need help w/ our needs.  I am excited about the new format NAD developed!  Its my hope that w/ the new format in place, Idaho will grow and our youth program will be once again established.  I am EXCITED to be working alongside w/ Alan Wilding!  He is going to bring a lot of ideas and together we will get it started and hopefully be successful!

  Alan Wilding


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