IDYR Committee

It takes a lot of people to make IDYR competition to be a success!  We have just began the long hiatus from 1997, by reviving Miss Deaf Idaho.  Slowly, the committee will grow and we will have all the help we need!  We will need all the help to make a successful competition.

What it involves have a successful competition:

    • State Directosr of Ambassador (Darcy Sinsley & Alan Wilding)
    • Chairperson (Darcy Sinsley and Alan Wilding)
    • State Competition Committee
    • State Ambassador Subcommittees
    • State Ambassador Personnel

Each of these categories have subcommittees that are assigned to different jobs given by the Head of each Committee.  We all work together which makes this run smoothly.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at  I guarantee we will find a spot for you!

Together, we will find the position which will fit you the most, consequently, you will enjoy volunteering.

Help us make this pageant grow once again, anticipating the 2013′s Idaho’s Deaf Youth Representative


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