To compete in the Youth National Ambassador Program,

1) you must be Deaf or hard of hearing
2) Between the ages of 18 and 30
3) must be committed to IDYR should you win
4) Meet residency requirements of Idaho.
5) Hearing loss must meet the requirement of 65-decibel or more hearing loss in both ears
6) Meet character criteria as set forth by the Miss Deaf America Pageant Organization.
7) Be in reasonably good health to meet the demands as Idaho’s Representative
8) Be able to meet the time commitment and responsibilities as set forth by the Idaho’s Youth Committee
9) You can be married, man or woman,  can have children

Not sure you want to compete

You can still join!  You are invited to join our activities  regardless of what you decide not to or to compete as a contestant. We will have activities and workshops too!  Learn all about us!!


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