FAQ ~ frequently asked questions

1) What are the guidelines for both IDYR and NAD?
Please refer to rules link under IDYR

2) What are the eligiblity requirements?
single or married
no children or can have children
be of between the ages 18 to 30 at the time of NAD’s convention
meet residency requirements of Idaho
hearing loss must meet the requirement of 65-decibel or more hearing loss in both ear.
meet character criteria as set forth by the NAD organization
be in reasonably good health to meet the competition requirements
be able to meet the time commitment and competition responsibilities as set forth by the NAD Organization

3)  Who am I representing?
          You will be representing the entire state of Idaho.  You will also be representing Idaho Association for the Deaf (IAD) as well as Idaho Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

4)  I want to compete, what now?
          Research, research & research both IAD and Idaho Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.  Their motto, their goals, what they are fighting for us in the state of Idaho.  Also research National Association for the Deaf (NAD) as well.  Your blueprints will need to represent Idaho as well as USA if you are chosen to be NAD’s leader.

Fill out the IDYR’s application and begin your preparation and video!

5)  When is the competition?
          It will be hosted in Gooding, Idaho on August 2013.  Competition will be held on Saturday, August 2013.

6)  Are there any fees?  & what does it apply to?
          $60.00 total.  $20.00 covers your IAD membership & $40.00 for the workshop/retreat and contestants tshirt.  Once we recieve your payment.  We will handle your IAD membership and you should be recieving them shortly.

7)  I paid my fees but now I have to withdraw, what happens?
Depending on the situation, we will refund your money.  Once we have paid fee for IAD membership, $20.00 will be lost.  If you participate in the workshop/retreat, we will calculate how much we used and you may be entitled to recieve a portion.  Unfortately it will not be the total amount as you were able to participate in the workshop/retreat.  Make sure you are able to participate from start to finish to avoid this problem.

8)  I didn’t win the competition, can I compete again?
YES!  Just as long as you meet the elegibility requirements.

9)  Is this a “pageant” or what is it?  What’s the wardrobe?
No.  It is not a pageant style anymore.  Business suits as you would wear to a job interview.  The competition is about leadership.


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