2011-2013 Miss Deaf Idaho

Chelsea Newberry

Read all about Chelsea ~ http://magicvalley.com/news/local/twin-falls-woman-is-the-first-miss-deaf-idaho-since/article_b8a517cd-915d-5edf-ac99-cc7a92d7e372.html?mode=story

Chelsea Newberry is our 2011 MDI winner.  She will represent the Idaho Association of the Deaf at public events, ceremonies, presentations, etc., for one and half years.  She will be a role model for young deaf people in Idaho.  She also will participate in the Miss Deaf America Pageant during the biennial National Association of the Deaf Conference held in July.  She will take a leadership role in her community as well as the deaf and hard of hearing community as a Miss Deaf Idaho delegate.

She has developed her own blog, so we may follow her during her 1.5 year MDI reign.

http://missdeafidaho.wordpress.com/ ~ during her MDI responsiblities

Chelsea graduated from ISDB on May 2005.  She then attended and graduated from College of Southern Idaho on Dec. 2011Chelsea is currently a Junior at University of Montana in Missoula.  She has a current blog that she is using now.  Please keep up w/ her until August.  She will make her appearance as her final “walk” as Miss Deaf Idaho.  Here is the link to her more update blog..


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