Idaho Deaf Youth Progam is in full swing once again!

Idaho Deaf Youth Program (IDYP) is the main name for our program and the person(s) that become our leaders will be called Idaho Deaf Youth Representative(s) (IDYR).

IDYP will soon be under Idaho Association for the Deaf. Once they have established everything and get things moving, IDYP will be moving the website under IAD’s website. IDYP is excited about the new change. Many new things will be happening w/ IDYP and IAD. IAD has elected new board members. Alan Wilding, IAD President, Keith, Vice President, Stefanie Saltern, Secretary, Raymond Lockary, Treasurer, and Kristi is our Auditor. They will do great things for IAD and for our deaf and Hard of hearing community. When IDYP is under IAD’s wing, it’ll allow IAD to help IDYP to obtain grants and donations and they can be used as a tax write off. IDYP hopes to build youth camps to build future leaders of tomorrow.

Please keep checking back to see any updates.

IDYP is currently accepting applications for potential contestants for our 2015 contest. If you are wondering if you can apply, please see “All About IDYP” and it’ll answer your questions. There is a application for you to fill out and emailed to

IDYP will be at the upcoming Idaho Deaf Awareness Day in Boise, Idaho. Check out the flyer for more information.

By deafyouth